Two Saturdays ago I was perusing my pages at Ipernity as I waited for friends to arrive; it was a fine afternoon and we were going to take the dogs for a walk on the beach. It was with much amusement that I read bigoode in the clouds comment on my Yellow Dragonfly:

"miss the blue one to make a triptic !
Shine on"

Ha ha! Chance would be a fine thing! Well, I'd never even seen a blue one! Yellow, orange and red dragonflies were the ones I'd got excited about in my somewhat limited (but growing) dragonfly encounters; there were blue ones too?!?

Soon after we set off on our walk. We stopped by the little lagoon, where there were some dragonflies but mostly muted camouflage colours - nothing bright and shiny! Then we cut across to the beach and continued our walk along the shore.

Imagine my surprise, when only a short while later, I came across this!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes - what an uncanny coincidence!!! :-D

Wow!!! Shine on indeed!!! *LOL*

I edged nearer to try and take a closer shot...


Sand on the wing seemed not a good thing... Unfortunately, the dragonfly appeared incapacitated,
it was moving a bit but not too happily. Maybe it had got wet? Couldn't fly away? It didn't look damaged...

I crouched down to take another shot before deciding what to do about it when suddenly -






Marduk rushed right up to me and - well, my quandary was resolved and my photo session abruptly ended.

Bye-bye brilliant blue dragonfly... :-(

It was suggested to me that Marduk knew the dragonfly was injured and had acted to end its suffering.

Hmm... so his conclusion was:

Step on!?!?