Thank you to ipernity for welcoming flickr refugees. I think that Yahoo! is intentionally trying to destroy the old flickr and fleeing users do not matter to them. They will simply shut flickr down if their advertising-based plan does not work out.

Meanwhile, ipernity has the things I really liked the old flickr for:
  • It still works without Javascript or Flash.
  • You can quickly and easily select the number of photos to appear on a page. I do a lot of browsing and like to see an old-school "contact sheet" of a photographer's work, then choose a few to see large, which brings me to ...
  • Photos can viewed in a variety of sizes.
  • There appears to be a sense of community and taking users seriously.
A couple of feature that flickr never had seem cool and useful too - such as the ability to write an article like I'm doing now.

So what do I miss? Just contacts and the size of flickr for being able to find a group about any topic you could think of. I'll be inviting friends and family here and hope all the other flickr refugees do likewise.