Went to a friends to watch some films, but decided we needed food.  So we headed off to Boundary Street in search of sustenance.  I made my way to the Forest for one of their vego "meat" pies - very authentic.

Sat down, and shrugged my jacket off while I ate.  Put the jacket back on and went.  Then back at the apartment I went to get my mobile from the interior breast pocket; not there.  And not in either side pocket, oh bummer, and for a few seconds I couldn't accept it wasn't there and patted my self down again.

The I realised it was really gone, and that I really needed to find it, or get the sim cancelled and the phone barred.  I asked my friends to start the films, I won't be back I thought, whether or not I find it.

I walked back to Forest, the while thinking about the txts, photos, and contact details, in essence my life!  I walked in and went to the seat, there were two ladies sitting next to the place I'd been, and no sign.  I went to the counter, and I asked if they'd had a phone turned in.  Patrick (who knows me from my audiopollen photography, and the social network) reached up to the top of the fridge and produced my phone.  What an over whelming sense of relief.