My pre-ordered copy arrived from Amazon earlier in the week, and I've waited for a suitable time to open and inspect this book.

Printed in Germany by Steidl it comes with a red paper ribbon that mentions the introduction by Jack Kerouac below a quote from the New York Times, "FEW BOOKS IN THE HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY HAVE HAD AS POWERFUL AN IMPACT AS THE AMERICANS".

Inside is loose multi-fold sheet that has cover images of Frank's other books, and outlines the differences between this and other editions of the "The Americans".

Unlike other editions Frank has been involved in the production of the Steidl re-print.  "The 83 photographs were scanned in tritone from vintage prints in Frank's collection, which revealed that many images in past editions were actually crops of the originals."

Photographic memories, I used to peruse Life magazine in the school library, so I'm sure that I've seen some of these before.  And having grown up in that arc of photography through the sixties and seventies it's interesting to think what ghosts we carry around in our heads.  I know that Frank's work inspires me.