Last night Lateline ran an interview with Richard Heinberg on the effects of increasing oil prices, and the prospect that world is now in the period of peak oil.  Given that oil extends to every facet of our lives slight declines in supply will have significant impact across a range of activities.  It got me thinking along a new line - what will happen to photography?

Would the world of "Mad Max" be documented digitally, or would photography revert to some analog means of recording.  The value of existing, printed images of the old world may acquire some currency and represent valued memories and sentiments.  My Canon, an electronic wonder would likely become an inert piece of polycarbonate.  The few remaining fully manual cameras would be lovingly maintained and perhaps only be used furtively.

I guess that even my OM4 would have problems, so perhaps it's time to seek out an OM1!  Oh yeah, and stock up on all that film.  Mind you I don't expect I'll be able to exhibit here.