I infrequently browse the pages of a Sydney dealer of second hand equipment and came upon an a black OM4 Ti.  I've been very happy with the results from my OM2 N and love the big bright viewfinder and compact camera dimensions.  So I'm now happily snapping with this wonderful little camera.

The OMs have been described as the SLR version of a range finder.  With a wide angle or normal lens the OM is unobtrusive and ideal for street photography.  The OM4 Ti has also been described as the apex of manual focus SLR technology.  The spot metering system is a marvel and a key factor in the camera's greatness.

There's an interesting "torture" test that the OM was subjected to - www.zuikoholic.com/omlibrary/review_pdfs/om4ti_crash_test.pdf

It makes fascinating reading.  I hope my example never experiences this kind of treatment!