I've been living at Torbreck for two months ( tiny.cc/rQ31H ). I'd been looking for a place for five weeks, and serendiptiy arose when a single bedroom apartment came up in my list.

I called the agent and was told the occupant was away on holidays and that I should call back the following week. An inspection was arranged, and I and another lady turned up. On entry it was apparent that rushed packing was taking place with stuff spilled onto the floors, flowing from suitcases. I tried visualising the place without the mess, which seemed kind of confined. It was clearly going to be a challenge to fit stuff in, but there was an abundance of cupboard space.

At first I was put off, but decided to lodge an application...and within two hours of lodgement was told I had the place. Eight floors above Dornoch Terrace with uninterrupted views south, and straight across to Queensland University.

My move in day was complicated by the rental agency needing to organise carpet cleaning, which meant no keys until the arvo..so not much moving that day. And the surprise interview by the building management; to check out that I was suitable. Seemed that the agency had missed this requirement when assessing applicants, but in the end not a problem for me. I got to move in that afternoon - a few boxes and an inflatable mattress. The real move had to wait for early the following week.