A while back I set myslef up a paypal account pretty much only because I could. After that I set up an ebay account linked to said paypal account again, because I could.

Now, I have recently purchased my first items on there and payment seemed to go smoothly. The first thing I bought was a cheap nock off remote for my 20D because Im not going to fork out close to $100 for the real deal Canon one. I ordered that on the 6th of this month and payed for it. Its now the 24th and still no remote. I had heard stories from other people who had bought from the same Hong Kong ebay store that sometimes they had to wait 3-4 weeks for their item to arrive. Ok, so Im fine waiting.

The second thing I bought was a 7" Joy Division record for my girlfriend. This was coming from the states. Anyway, because it was in USD I had to wait for the bank to convert the currency over and then for the echeck to clear. I got notification of that last friday. The item arrived, to my surprise, this morning. It looks like the seller posted it on the day I paid for it (the 17th) without waiting for the echeck to clear. I was still pretty impressed with how fast USPS managed to get it to my door from overseas and with a weekend thrown in the middle. Why would anyone pay even more for UPS to ship it and take even longer?


Dont know why I waited so long to get into the whole ebay thing. Now, Im sure I had something around here that I wanted to sell...