Creation is first and foremost an act of survival.


Since childhood, I was always a dreamer and would loose myself in the Art that surrounded me. It was certainly an escape from a reality I found too harsh and in which I struggled to belong. That’s how I developed an iron will to paint what no one had painted before, and to create a unique aesthetic proposition that would feed me, make me travel the World, and bring me the joy of sharing my vision with others.


My paintings are all hand-made Hard-edge acrylic. In their distinctive language of geometric and organic shapes, they narrate stories, encounters between probable beings from unconscious universes, sensations and landscapes that can be alternatively aquatic, aerial or virtual. I transform and colour my environment relative to this personal mythology.


My creations expose the concept of the two infinites, visible and invisible, and offer a positive perspective to our condition in a world bound by endless questioning. The creative process itself allows me to explore and exteriorise my philosophical and mystic interrogations.


Canada and the diversity of its contrast has been a fresh source of inspiration these past few years. Notably, it materialized in “Tales of the Rainforest”, a contemporary picturesque poem rich with the dreams and hopes that characterize this land.