If you were on flickr and made the leap over to ipernity in May 2013 many of us did, one of the streams that surely stood out for you was one operated by MewDeep6. MewDeep6 is the way John chose to be known hereabouts.

I am not suited to write any kind of biography of the man. What I do know is that I am very lucky to have known him these past few years.

I knew him, I say. How I knew him was through emails and posts on flickr and ipernity. That counts, as any of us here can attest. From exchanged emails with him I came to know a man of heart, generosity, humor and smarts.

John had a career as an illustrator. He was a modest man, and might not have mentioned until he'd known you for a while that he was friend and correspondent of many huge names in the field. He had a soft spot for those great 7Up billboards, posters and promo items, and advertising illustration from the Age of Aquarius in general. He loved the Push Pin Studio artists, and John Alcorn was a special favorite. This is not a definitive list by any means. He loved Wacky Packages art. He loved any interesting creative.

It was after growing concerned about not hearing from him for a few weeks and checking around that I learned John had passed away. It was on November 8, just 5 days after his last posts here. I don't know his family or local friends, so I don't know what happened. I want to know what happened, and I don't want to, if you know what I mean. I just hope the way he went was as gentle and kind to him as John, our own MewDeep6, must have been to everyone he met in life.

Rest in peace, John. We miss you.