Hi folks,

writing isn't my cup of tea, I'm better in pictures, but I want to let you know that I founded a new group called "Bottle Trash". Pictures of thrown away bottles of any kind wherever you find them on your way but where they don't belong.

I was thinking about a group like this for quite a while because I collected a lot of pictures for it. But I never had the time or leisure to carry them together. But now I made! So here it is: A group "dedicated" to thrown away bottles. When I took my first pictures on this subject I was really amazed how many bottles are lying around. When you start to get an eye for it you see them almost everywhere. Now I'm collecting bottle trash.

After founding the group I searched everyone's pictures at ipernity for 'bottle' and found a lot of really nice pictures perfectly suitable for the group.

So let me invite you all and ask you for walking around with open eyes looking for bottle trash. This is more easy than you think!