Long time since I've been here, and ultimately all this guff may go onto my website when I sort it out again. Meantime... after several months of nothingness, I now have a new camera which I'm roadtesting and loving. The Mamiya 7II may just be about perfect for me. Medium format 6x7, but portable! woohoo! The first roll through was some luverrly Ilford Delta 3200, basically to get used to the camera and check out the metering and rangefinder. Some quick and dirty scans from the roll are in my docs section. Next roll in is some old Velvia 100, which will be a tougher test on the metering. First thoughts: 1. My god, but the shutter is quiet - well it would be, being leaf shutter. But woah! 2. Richard in Aperture was right - it does look like a big Fisher Price camera. And that makes people look curiously at it and smile often. Which is better than the looks a digi SLR gets on the whole. 3. Must remember to look at the bright lines, not the whole viewfinder view. D'oh 4. I'm loving 6x7. I was pleased with the framing of all 10 shots on the roll. More thoughts soon