Okay it's starting to really hit me now...the *reality* of it all:


Jul 25, 2008London Heathrow Airport, (LHR)  to  Cologne/Bonn K.A.Airport, (CGN)
Depart: 03:05 PM
Arrive: 05:25 PM

London, Great Britain (LHR) to
Cologne/Bonn, Germany (CGN)

British Midland
Flight 3547 operated by
(on Boeing 737-500)


that is part of my confirmation itinerary the part I LOVE the most!!!!

None of it had seemed really *real* until I booked my ticket Sunday   As usual I started jumping with excitment but then something kinda *unexpected* happened and I wasn't able to share it with everyone I wanted to at that moment...sooooooo anyway I'm still jumping!!!


I started planning this trip a year ago and now it's about to happen OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

soon this lil Indiana girl will be in Germany   Sascha your Ma will prolly be wearing sunglasses most of the time cuz my eyes are gonna be swollen shut from all them honey tears