Today was Thanksgiving here in America.  Traditionally the fourth Thursday in November, a day of giving thanks after the harvest season.  So we reflect on this day, and remember hopefully all that we have to be grateful for.  Now this particular time of year for me *could* have been one of tremendous sadness and pain.  You see both my parents (different years) died around Thanksgiving. My mother passed away the day before Thanksgiving the year she died, and we buried my father the day before the year he died.  Also the year my father died I had also just lost a brother 2 months earlier.  So the holiday season could have been one of sadness and not joy.  Now there are two very profound reasons this did not occur.  For one my parents would never have wanted this.  They both would want me to live my life to the fullest and not get lost in my grief.  They were too loving for this, and it would dishonor their memory(s).  But I think the reason that truly kept me uplifted and wanting the season to remain joyous is... my children.  The love I have for them out weighs all else.   How could I forever darken their holidays with my sadness?  Well it was not even a choice.  It was automatic.  The joy and love my children bring to my life have kept this season, and all of it's magic, alive in my heart.  

So first and foremost I give thanks for my children.  ALL my children Sascha.

I give thanks for my family and friends.

I give thanks that my children and I have good health.

I give thanks that we have the necessities of life. (food, shelter, clothing)

I give thanks that we are blessed with some little extras in life.

And this is a little repetitive but I give thanks for all of you here!  Because you ARE all my FRIENDS, and are very precious to me.  Every single one of you fill my heart with love and FUN!  Friends I may never have otherwise known if it were not for Ipernity!

So last but not least I give thanks for Ipernity! 

Regardless if you celebrate Thanksgiving where ever you are... You are part of my holiday today!  And I am truly grateful for you!   Happy Thanksgiving!