OMG!!! Okay I am a TOTAL self proclaimed hopeless romantic!!! Well tonight I received a GIANT dose of romantic!!! Thanks to my sweet babydoll Brandi (my son Seth's girlfriend). She called me late this afternoon and asked if she could come over to decorate Seth's room...hmmm???? okay I thought????? (Seth was at a practice with his band As Forever Fades) ANYway Brandi explained that she wanted to decorate his room...and leave an invitation for him to Santa Switch... Santa Switch is a formal winter dance...where the girl asks the guy to the dance. OMG...I SCREAM OF COURSE you can come over sweetheart are you KIDDING?!?!?!?!? ;-DDDD So Brandi arrives a little she is decorating :-DDD


The room was draped in ribbons, balloons everywhere, paper hearts, etc. and hung around the room was the question on poster board :-D

OMG I can barely type all of this *grinning through tears* :' DDD Brandi left knowing Seth would of course call her when he returned the hard part WAITING for Seth to GET his little ass HOME!!!!
FINALLY after what seemed to be an ETERNITY Seth walked in the door...I KNEW I had to remain calm and get my camera...and sneak upstairs behind him...I could barely contain myself LOL LOL LOL
He of course prolongs my agony...instead of going upstairs FIRST...he's gotta pee!!! DAMN he goes into the bathroom taking forEVER!!! How long can it take for a boy to PEE?!?!?!? again FINALLY he comes out...and AGAIN instead of going upstairs he heads for the phone...getting ready to call BRANDI to tell her he's home...DAMN IT!!! He hasn't gone upstairs yet...he can't call her YET!!! SOOOOO as non chalantly as I can...I say something lame like..." uhhhh go ahead up to your room...I'll bring you the phone"....WHAT????? He's probably thinking hmmm are WEIRDER than usual...but he just says "nah I got it"....SHIT the phone is in his hand...but he's not calling yet...hmmmm I think at this point I'm just muttering non sense words to him to occupy his walk upstairs...hell I don't even know what I was works...he's still just holding the phone...I sneakily walk up the stairs behind him...with camera in hand... and this is what he looked like when he turned the light on in his room :-DDDD

HEE HEE HEE my heart is BUSTING WIDE OPEN NOW!!! OMG...he keeps saying what IS this...I tell him to read the posters in order... :-DDDDDD....then I tell him to open the gift box (there is a hand written invitation inside asking him to the Santa Switch) here he is opening the box :-DDDDDD

AND reading his invitation :-DDDDDDDD

have I mentioned my heart is exploding????? OMG OMG OMG :-DDDD
Now of course the call to Brandi ( I can hardly bear all this sweetness and romance) I LOVE IT!!!


and finally the beautiful response to Brandi's question...

telling her YES YES YES of course I will go to the Santa Switch with you!!!!! :-DDDDD and Seth was SOOOOOO appreciative...and sweet and telling her it was the most wonderfully surprising thing etc. Telling her over and over how much he loved it!!!! AND he DID!!! Just look at my beautiful baby boy's beaming face!!!! :-DDDDDD

I'm just siiting here beaming myself...romance...gotta love it!!! and I do :-DDDDDDDD HOPELESSLY I DO!!!

and MO and two better be reading this...can just see you ya'll beaming too!!!! :-DDDDDDD

BTW: there are no links to the individual pics...cuz I thought they only make sense to be in this order in the blog :-DDDD