HEE HEE okay since most people I know here at home...I've already shared this with or they actually witnessed it...just had to share it with you guys...cuz it felt SOOOOOOOO good!!!!

Okay Friday night well actually early Saturday morning 1:30 AM to be exact...my daughter Sarah comes running into my bedroom very upset telling me "MOM there is someone banging on the front door"...okay see our *literal* front door...we don't use as our *front* door. Actually the front room of my house is Sarah's bedroom. Our side door is our *front* door LOL okay enough confusing information....ANYway I get up still kinda in a daze and open the *side/front* door because by then who ever this was...was now banging on it. And there stands some dude...drunk as hell..telling me some bullshit story about "...Miss you have the most beautiful roses and my mom is in the hospital...I was wondering if I could take one for her..." WHAT?!?!?!? So I look at him with my half shut eyes....roll them at him...and say whatEVER...and slam the door. Now if I had been more awake...or alarmed or something...I'm sure I would have said MUCH more :-DDDDDD. Well I was fine about it but my daughter still seemed very shook up (understandibly so) so then I'm thinking "SHIT" I guess I should have been more forceful with the guy or something so she would have felt more protected etc. I tried telling her not to be worried he was just a stupid drunk and he is long gone and I wasn't scared so she shouldn't be. But I could tell she was...damn! But in the back of my mind...hee hee I was pretty sure I'd see him again cuz he comes into the store where I work :-D!!! So Saturday...as luck would have it....:-DDDD in the door he came...HA HA HA!!! I was ready to confront him...but a couple of obstacles...he was with a friend and they had a couple of little kids with them AND I don't want to start a big scene *in* the store...AND even though ya'll know I cuss...LOL I would NEVER in front of children or even let them hear me using a hostile voice with this guy...So I asked his friend if he knew this guy very well...he said sorta...so I told him the story briefly...he said "really well yeah he is weird I guess and drinks way too much".... YA THINK?!?!?!? So I wait till I think he's about to leave...then I walk out of the store to wait for him outside...and SHIT one of my workers is standing out there...Eddie (who btw is like one of those muscle body/builder kinda guys)...I knew if he saw/heard what I was about to say...he'd just want to deck the guy with no explanations...So I tell him what I'm about to do/say...and not to worry...let me handle it...he doesn't want to... but agrees :-DDDD So here comes the dude...and unfortunately the little kids are there....SOOOO I ask him to come to me...I step into him as close as I possibly could...so close our faces are almost touching... like we're about to kiss...LOL...then I say in the lowest tone of voice I could use...but loud/stearn enough that he could still hear me perfectly clear..."Don't you EVER bang on my door at 1:30 in the morning again...or at ANYtime...because if you do...if I see you on my porch EVER again...I won't call the police...I'll just knock your ass off of it!!!!!" He just stood there stunned...his mouth quivering not knowing what to say...so I smiled... and walked away... :-DDDDDDDD THAT FELT SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

And later when I could tell my daughter Sarah about it...she laughed and asked "what did he say" I smiled the same smile as earlier and said "not a thing honey...he was *speechless* " ;-)))) But most importantly I could tell Sarah wasn't worried about this incident anymore...ya know felt safe. And that was the whole purpose of my confronting him in the first place. So AGAIN AHHHHHHHH it felt GREAT!!!