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From Merle Plagge I have learned several great ideas for the hobby of amateur photography. One is to take (at least) one shot per day. This is a little different than to just participate into some 365 photography project. The idea is to take pictures for yourself, every day, till the day you die... =D

Second idea is to have weekly themes every now and then. During one week you can for example shoot the same subject from different angles. Or test some features of your camera. Or try some post processing technique. This way one learns a great deal on what really works or doesn't. Besides it makes the hobby much more enjoyable.

Here are some examples from my "Life in posters" week I had back in 2010. The idea was to test the preset features of my camera, to find what they are good for. Moreover, the idea was to find out what one can do with a crappy 3MB mobile phone camera. During that one week I tested the "posterization" feature. That effect works great for something like book covers, I think.