One always fun challenge is to shoot the same item from different angles, and to use different shooting and editing methods. This series I took in 2012 and I tried all kinds of ways to shoot and edit.

Breakfast Here I simply enhanced the picture using some sort of "pop art" effect. Or that is what it was called on Android Vignette software if I recall right. To make it really "pop", I used serials mixed into youghurt ;-)

Sad faces On this shot I simply repeated the funny looking image. One could ask: "why the sad faces?" Well, repetition and cloning kind of sounds sad to me.

There's no spoon I shot this against fluorescent light using mobile phone camera and twisted the camera during the exposure. The slow shutter made the spoon look twisted, and also caused those vertical lines. I really can't explain the lines, but somewhat acceptable explanation for twisted spoon is here:
I assume the effect is caused by slow shutter. Because of the movement (either camera or object) and bright light used, the item moves faster than camera draws the picture. Therefore different parts of the item are either drawn again or item has moved to away. P.S. DO notice the reference to Matrix movie ;-)

Lollipop Again I used effect familiar from pop art. This time the technique changed the spoon look almost like a lollipop =D

Tableware Nothing special, except combining line art and editing inverted picture. On some Android editors it is a good idea to turn the picture inverted (negative) first before adding some effect. Then after turning the image back to positive, the effect sometimes just looks better.

This is not a spoon Here I used strong magnet behind the background to hang the spoon on tilted surface. That way I managed to get the spoon look like it floats a little.

Close encounter Finally, if you go close enough the subject, and choose an interesting angle to shoot, you get rid of the spoon, and it turns into something totally different =D