Captain's frozen log My favorite social media service MyOpera is closing down. I was desperately looking for a new home to publlish my pictures taken on daily bases. I am already using Google+ but for many reasons I hate it. It is way too bloated and complex.

Then literally by accident I found this Ipernity. This seems to be very easy to use, it is easy to upload pictures, and has option to form groups. Free account is limited to 200 MB per month, and up to 1000 latest uploads displayed, but what the heck. The idea is to show what I have done recently, not to make it available forever. Especially because peeps does not seem to have time to digg the past anyway.

EDIT: Bad news. According to 'Join the Club page', they are about to change the limits for free accounts: "Only the last 200 items added are accessible (this limitation will be applied soon)"