This day must became something special - i knew id before, indeed it was!


I wrote my last exam today, after some weeks of more ore less hard learning and preparation i think i can say i did pretty well... So i deserved to get out and climb, i found a really good guide, his name is Michael - we decided to climb direct after his last exam - Thursday 15:45 we started to Schriesheim :)

The way up is long an steep, but its worth it! The view is really great an we had unbelivable luck with the weather, Thursday is the only sunny day of this week.


So just look at the pictures, they should tell more than i could ever write...

What a thrill, climbing up, then make the new Knot an roping yourself down - nobody there to check, nobody will catch you - is so simple - do it right - or die.

Since i wrote this, i seems that i did it right :)