Gee, I was last here 3 years that time, I found out I do NOT have cancer (yay!), I located my birth parents and found out I have a full blood brother (wow!), and I started a fine art photography magazine called 5x5. We were printing 3x a year, but I think we're going to push back to 2 for the time being...maybe not - we just took on an assistant, so 3 issues might actually be doable now. I publish it with Tamelyn Feinstein, and our new editorial assistant is Kina Williams. That's been going for 2 years, and it keeps me pretty busy, as well as occasionally working in television, where I'm a reality tv story editor. What I really want to do is take some photography courses, so I can move from beyond a hobbyist to being someone who actually understands everything about a camera and light. :) I'd like to make fewer mistakes that have to be corrected in Photoshop! I'd also like to finally really learn French, since I have friends and a birth father in France and am considering buying a house there so that I can visit the country of my heart more often. :) And I'm writing a book. So I'm a tad busy right now, but I've been busy on Instagram, so hopefully that will translate to using a real camera more often!