Roughly ten years ago (I'm fairly certain it was 1998) I had a computer with a 56K modem, subscription services were being introduced by ISPs instead of the horrendous charge-per-minute for calling open, non-subscription ISP telephone/modem numbers.

Fairly early on I found IRC and needed a nickname. The nick I came up with was airforce1 which is nine digits long, the maximum that was allowed (inspiration came from the 1997 film starring Harrison Ford). As you may imagine, that nick wasn't too great. Next one was ScooBiDoo which eventually was shortened to simply Scoo.

One problem with Scoo is that, being only four digits, it is not that unique. To my "horror" I found out that someone also calling himself Scoo has a Mrs. Scoo ;) On flickr the nickname Scoo was taken by a Hungarian, thus I had to adopt an alternative nickname for the duration of my stay there. Fortunately that was not the case with Ipernity :)