Hello world ;)



A couple of years ago my uncle got into photography, inspired by my father who has snapped away for the majority of his adolescent and adult life, only to move on later to videography as a hobby.

Inspired by this I too was bitten by the bug and eventually got myself a dSLR which was put to use recording the world around me. As I learned about the art of photography I passed the usual stages of gear acquisition syndrome, brand loyalty etc. The next big thing was when I got a summer job as an intern at a image archives at the university library of the university I attend. There I was delighted to find various street scenes and other documentary imagery of Turku and Finland in general which was most interesting to see.

Thus the importance to record also mundane and perhaps boring events, often unrelated to one's immidiate family etc. dawned on me. In a world of digital media, just snap away. This is something my father has commented on, he has primarily been a nature photographer and while nature can be somewhat static, the environment in which he & my mother and myself grew up in, my hometown and its citizens, have changed a lot during the years.