Who was on the bench-July 14th 2010 It all started with this picture… I had taken my usual Wednesday walk to town to get some street photos. Wednesday is market day in Bury St Edmunds and so is always good for street photography.

The woman in the red top caught my eye and so “snap” and I thought no more about it until I uploaded it to Flickr where it got a very good response.

In town the following Wednesday I glanced at the bench and noticed a different range of characters sitting there so I again took a photo. Flickr friends liked that one too. Knowing I walked around the town most Wednesdays, they asked me to take more and so the bench series was born.

The Bury St Edmunds bench became quite a hit, every Wednesday I would take a snap of who was sitting on the bench. The nightwear stall behind the bench used to get as much comment as the characters on the bench. Buskers started to play in front of the bench knowing they would stand a good chance of getting their picture uploaded.

But things move on, I left Flickr because of their attitude to some street photographers, then my work pattern changed so that I was no longer free to walk to town on Wednesdays so the bench faded away. Until redundancy came along and left me free to walk into town again on a Wednesday. On one of these Wednesdays one of the regular market stall holders said to me “It’s about time you started taking bench pictures again” And so, with that comment, the Bury St Edmunds bench series was revived