One of the nicer early experiences a Tgirl has is when they first shave their legs or put dark nylons, hose, or stockings on. Once they have staunched the blood cuts they release they have good legs, most Tgirls do. So there is a proliferation of pics of short skirts and lot of leg showing, which is fine by me but if you choose to go further or have no choice in the matter then more natural looks start appearing. Coupled to this may well be exploring, shall we say fetish, looks. If you go out your look is more typical and pics show this, except if you go to clubs where a different set of looks apply. Your photostream says a lot about you. Deep down I am a French coulture, chic look, think executive look. however this would cost a lot of money and require a level of commitment I do not have. So when I am lucky enough to be out I am not Carole Bouquet dripping Dior but, hopefully, middle class mum shopping at Marks and Spencer living in leggings but still trying to stay in trim. Well this is my goal and self delusion.
Sadly my photostream does not reflect this. There is too much skin showing and risque clothes. Again, hopefully, the body can bear this and it is not some old slapper being sad.
Finally there is another set of pics you encounter. That is someone male dressed in female clothes but shows their genitals and/or bottom. They may well have not shaved body hair off and be "out of shape." Each to their own and good luck to them and I wish the clothes were enough to "hit the spot" for me but it doesnot. There is dieting, gym, running, epilating to get my pics and an awful lot of other tgirl pics. We may be showing skin and leg but there is a lot of work to get there. So what type of girl are you?