A photograph of you is, by definition, personal. Any comments about the pic can have a negative effect. We know this and yet we still "publish and be dammed." A pic of a Transgirl is so much more. It is a physical manifestation of a mental construct or image of ourselves we have. However it is more complicated as makeup needs a lot of practice and many do not have the time. Taking pictures also needs a lot of practice and skill to get an acceptable image, however you define that. A genetic girl has put an awful lot of time in makeup, choosing and wearing clothes, time which we cannot and have not put in. Then there is the matter of wigs, another minefield. Add to all that is the physical differences between male and female which need to be minimised. Despite all these issues we do publish our pics and hope for the best.
How should such pics be judged? Against some absolute yardstick of do you look female, or are points awarded for being brave enough to post a pic with your face? Yet a dispassionate eye who will say negative things can be useful if meant constructively. Someone said something very negative about a pic of mine when I first started and was posting too many pics. I reconsidered and deleted some pics and started to try harder. So it was a good thing. Actually the same person posted in identical quote on one of my pics a year later! I had been out and was significantly more experienced so I merely blocked him and moved on. Then again someone who says you look fabulous when you do not is great for the ego but you will not advance or get better with such comments.
We make an enourmous emotional investment in our pics and need to be careful putting them out out for the public to criticise.