Dear Friends,

Advent- and Christmas-season don’t live up to it’s promise, so ever…
Calmness, Contemplativeness, Peace, Silence and Love.

Calmness will taken of the stress we all have at our job.
There’s no time for bethinking, because we’ve to carry out this and that, we also think about this and that.
Peace… when’s dominate Peace our world?
Silence…where we can find Silence in our hectic world?
Love… don’t let forget Love between everyday things, mostly they are of no importance… think about… only a few minutes…

I also missed Calmness and time for Contemplativeness, over the last weeks – my friends know, how important it’s for me and how much I enjoy it! It’s important for me to take time for a few minutes, time to think about friends. To cultivate friendships is very important, sadly that we have no time for our friends sometimes. Everyday life covering the tracks…

I wish you all a Merry Christmas – with your families and friends – with all the people you love. I wish you needed Calmness for enjoying Christmas and the get-together.
I wish you time for bethinking and for Silence. I wish you lot of love – love from your partners, family, friends… Love from the bottom of one's heart.

We can’t accomplish world peace alone, but let try us to make peace with some persons or situations… it’s a little step for the world and cooperation.

Take care!!!