Let me clarify about Taggers. Taggers have been around in San Diego for about 20+ years. Just as with any other group (Varrios, political parties, etc.) evolution takes place either for better, or for worse. In this case, for the worse. Taggers were the bastard (ala HBO doc))childs of gangs. For those who didn't want to gang bang, but weren't squares, the Tagger life was the perfect complimentary alternative. You were able to still mob with a crew of your best boys, but not have to sweat the neighborhood stuff. For a good decade or so, the Taggers in San Diego were pretty much given a free pass. Herein lies the problem: as long as they were not caught tagging IN THE HOOD of a foreign varrio, they were ok. Here is where things take a turn. Since most taggers came from the inner city and inner Varrios, they still carried a gangster mentality. Crews such as KOS, BSD, FSI, HML all had confederates that were either ex-gangsters or little brothers of some hard core soldados. Then there were staples such as TMK that were bred out of the Sherman Heights area that waged warfare on other crews, and you really had shit take off. Being a tagger was not so bad though. Most fights were on the walls and if you needed to you could just throw down for your shit. Lots of girls were attracted to the crews and some of them dudes were realyl cool with the homies. They had all the paint and showed us new levels of caligraphy unseen, as well as knowing where the parties were. For a while in the early 90's everybody tagged and the banging had all but settled in the dust. Things changed however, as many started to hit YA and camp. As we all know, you cannot say "I just write" in Camp, and your crew is your set/clicka. As well, many crews started having one or two hardcore heads end up doing stretches in state. With the stabbing of a very well known tagger from a well known crew in Donovan in 1995, for him delcaring himself a tagger and not towing the line with the Southerners, he was stabbed 10+ times to send a message to all taggers. YOU CLAIM YOUR VARRIO. no taggers in the pinta. I am well aware of a representative from a few crews that have put in work (see KAM 13 in Los Angeles) that have been given the go ahead to be surenos. But all in all, all these new "krews" will not hold up and most will migrate to an existying barrio. More to come. Oh yea, RTS is a Sureno gang now, in East Side, and the other RTS is a group of Somalians in Little Somalia calling themselves Ruff Tuff Somalians. They are completely two different entities.
The History of . . .

AEK Avenue Euclid Klan

SEK South East Klan

TMK The Mexican Klan

Born in the late 1980s era arising out of the Party Crews and Rave Posse’s that drew large crowds of youths unaffiliated with any Varrios. The writing crews formed up after the influence of the tagger artists’ style arrived in the media and as well as with the proximity with the larger scene stemming out of Los Angeles.

Writing Crews were simply taggers, but some crews became mixed in with Party Crews, and soon morphed into Tag Banger Crews. Before no time at all, all kinds of Crews were taking over the neighborhoods. So much take over was happening, that the local Varrio members started having trouble with the crews writing up on all their walls within their territories. Seemed like everybody was part of a crew, but fewer and fewer people were joining up with the Varrios. This created a problem for the Varrios, because the control of their grounds was slowly but surely being taken away from them, and that could not be allowed to happen.
Because of the nature of the beast when it comes down to partying and hanging out in groups, fights and drugs were commonplace amongst taggers just the same as like with their brethren the Homeboys from the Varrios. Eventually more and more Taggers began to get locked up to serve out some time, and this is where the Homeboys from the Varrios found the opportunity to turn the tide around in the neighborhoods. The hard core Homeboys serving time began to check these taggers and ravers, and they also sent word to the Homeboys in the streets to start cleaning up their Varrios. The word was if you’re unaffiliated, clique up or else, and since many taggers had already been fighting other taggers who would ruin their art work or who they had problems over this or that deal; it was not too hard to get the hard players to clique up.

The crews were as many as they continue today, but it is only a few crews that are recognized as being down for the street game. Out of all the crews stemming out of the East Side and South East, only a handful have made a name for themselves in the world of the Varrios. After the mid-90’s edict from the inside, some of the most renowned and still heard about crews are case celebre in the current politics of the streets.

This is the line up of how it all worked out for these crews . .

In the East Side, one of the most infamous crews of the day, the AEK (Avenue Euclid Klika) began their days as two separate crowds. One made up of taggers who called their crew Always Enforcing Kaos, the other a party crew named the Get Down Posse. When these two crews merged, they formed what became known as Avenue Euclid Klan. The Get Down Posse were not necessarily simply taggers but were actual gangster in dress their style and attitude and they had some serious run ins with the Varrio East Side San Diego, and after some incidents involving some gun play, the enmity between them became etched just like that of any other Varrio versus Varrio war. The original AK’s had their hang out at The Alley off of Euclid, in-between Trojan & Orange Avenues, but today nothing remains there to remind the passer-by of where one of the most well known SD crews started out at. The Klan remains, bigger and crazier that ever before by some estimates. The AEK’s other main rivals came from none other as from the same neighborhoods which are territory of rival ESSD’s Varrios. The crew SEK came from the Logan Heights neighborhood area. The South East Klan or Kings were previously born out of a smaller crew named KOS “Knock Out Suckas”. SEK’s were said to been sponsored by LH30TA, although some others claim that some of the original SEK membership came from the Shell Town neighborhood. Both claims can have some validity, due to the fact that South East Klan was one of the biggest crews in all the South East San Diego area. South East Klika continues to be amongst the biggest crews today and they are a force to be reckoned with. Over in the Sherman Heights neighborhood the TMK The Mexican Klan was the main crew, they had people from the Sherman Heights, Grant Hill, Golden Hill and South East neighborhoods, but when the TMK membership was pinned with the edict, most TMK’s for the most part became cliqued up with Barrio Sherman as the 28 Street Locos, and by default became enemies with SE13. Shell Town’s crews were the infamous HEM Hechos En Mexico which started out first as the HEMLOCKS . . .
Orale Lonewolf,

In response to your inquiry, Hecho En Mexico was a tagging Crew that wsa binational due to our proximity to the border. You can still see fresh HEM tags in TJ, because they do have a loyal following, however they do not put in any more work in San Diego. They pretty much died out. They never took it to the next level (banging) and were all about bombing. They are on a completely different level than HML (Hemlock). Hemlock was a click that started in Shelltown (on the actual Street, Hemlock), but became waaaaay too big for it's britches. It is actually one of the first banger crews. It was short lived, but they were actually jumping dudes in and had funk with Sherman and the local Shelltown Boys. After Shelltown took notice, the Hemlock Boys were confronted and rolled up REAL QUICK. A couple of high ranking (real older vatos) Shelltown vatos brought it to the HML crew and it was abandoned over the course of a few days. This was one of the rare incidents that a Varrio wrapped it up and did not nip it in the butt with the whole "they ain't shit" mentality and saw that this group was a vital threat to their establishment. This was in 1991-1992. By '93 HML existed no more.
In re: The last post regarding the history of AEK/SEK/TMK. You hit most of it pretty hard on the nail, with a few discrepancies. I was at the funeral/wake of Chucky from AEK, Gabriel, the younger brother of Bullet and Joker. You are right on the money when dealing with the fact the AEK boys no longer hang out in the Alley Catty-corner to the liquor store (Happy daze or Sunshine, I can't place a finger on it right now). They live anywhere from Spring Valley (where Chukee was shot and killed at) to Chula Vista, with a confederate or two in East Side. SEK is pretty much a Logan 30ta thing now. With Atomek and Choke, Saroe and the others being full fledged members. AEK did start off as just taggers in ES, with Tron, Duro, Deny, Tosko, Breed, and others as first generation. Then came a slew of 2nd generates, such as Horrer, Terror, Zags, Pipa, Hench, Loke, Rican,snipes, and a bunch others. The 3rd can be said as one of the last original groups of the chaotic AEK/SEK beefs. Laters, Yen, Dimes, Duser, Hyer, Proof. As for SEK, they kept a very tight click running. However, most of their city wide hit ups were due to the fact that they had two defacto white guys from San Carlos (rich nice area) who were being used for mobility and ability to produce paint. The two were known as Looks and Fesk. A very famous and well known incident was when members of SEK jacked their own homeboy Looks of his turntables and he was booted out of the crew with no retaliation or recourse. To get a better perspective on how false these dudes were, they never were "gangster" status. As for TMK, they did become Sherman gangsters. Host did time in Donovan, and Chuko is from Sherman as is Gran and a number of others. I have to point out one thing, and this is no way intended to discredit, nor disrespect, but HEM and Hemlock are two totally different crews, one not morphing out of the other. I hung out a few times in my younger days at Hemlock to drink a brew (take the number 3 bus from Broadway)and hung out with Presto and Chem from Hemlock. HEM, Hecho En Mexico was a tagging crew from TJ. I knew Stuck, Kafe, and Kamel. Two separate groups. In regards to the two RTS, the somalians are not into graffitti, and control an area that is 100% Somalia, called little Somalia, up at 52nd street. You know RTS hitups are completely different than the somalians. The Somalians are banded together by a COMMUNITY, not just a group.

As for AEK and East Side SD, AEK is part of ESD now. It was a mixed bag with tensions escalating in the late 1998-2000 AEK days, right when they started to bang. Back in the days 1/2 of the AEK boys would kick it with Eastsiders, and the other half kicked it with GDP. Zags has a cousin from ES named Bugsy, and Dimes' older brother was Profe from ES. Also Laters would be seen with Knuckles, Spots and Klumsy from ES all the time. The other AEK boys, such as Hench, Berbs, and Leson, would kick it with Smiley, Diablo, and other GDP boys. There were instances such as Leson being jumped and stabbed by ES boys, and Dimes getting his skull cracked by ES boys, and a crap load of shootings too. But now, and that is the only thing that counts, now AEK is part of East Side. As I stated before, I did time with a few AEK boys and they have ES tats on them and roll with ESiders. I do not know the politics if it, and I won't front, I do not know how that came to be, but it is what it is now. They are completely AEK/ESD. I ran into Capone, the one who started Evil Boys about a year ago, and he was doin all right. So AEK is good with ESD. All I know is that Capone and his brother Chris started the Evil Boys.

Re: SKA.
Let me go ahead and shed some info in regards to the SKA Mob. I still see "Thino" and "Tass" (Sleepy) from SKA. "Help" moved to Vegas and "Cloke" moved to Texas. Snoop is now from LH 30ta and Adik and the rest of them do bang SKA SE 32nd X3. I know "Chems" is married with children and "Dem" is in the Army.

They originally kicked it at the Alley on 32nd street right by Adik's old pad, by Island Avenue. I remember you could smell the Sherm the Crips were smoking right down the street all the time.

Since they used to kick it on 32 (now a defunct location, like AEK claims Euclid but doesn't kick it there anymore) but they are spread out, they still adhere to the 32nd handle. I know the ones mentioned above have "32" stamped on them, so naturally it is still used to describe their clicka. Geographic representation as well.

They are still around, a small but tight knit group of vatos, who still have a very close alliance with AEK LOCOS and the RTS LOCOS as well.

In regards to the SKA/SEK thing, it was plutonic, but not allied. More of one from the group hanging out with the other, not a whole group, but fragmented associates. For example, "Dulo" from SKA (I am talking about circa mid-1990's) would be seen with "Awe" from SEK and bomb together. Also "Chem" from SKA has cousins from SEK like "Saroe". So it was natural for them to hang out from time to time. On the other end, "Kaos" from AEK had always been seen with "Asel" and "User" from TMK. As a matter of fact, "Host" and "User" would bomb East Side up with minimal, if not for one or two conflicts with AEK. I do remember a party where "Snaps" from SKA boxed "Choke" from SEK. It did not turn into Crew conflict, but an example of friction with mutual diplomatic crews.

As we are well aware, after Crews had been ordered to "Tow the Line" in the pinta, SKA did not align under an umbrella of an existing Barrio like TMK (Sherman), AEK (East Side SD), SEK (Logan 30ta), and RTS (some went on to Lomas, and the remaining claimed it as an ES hood. That is another story in itself.) so SKA chose to remain independent and claim SE 32nd. For a SE Crew, they had hella ties to AEK. Remember, it was geographic strategy to have alliances with cross-towners. You could have a "cool down" pad if things got hot when you were in a rivals area. Or as with the case of SKA, the AEK boys were in an area that wasn't generating heat for the SKA Mob, so it was cool to visit. So there it is. The lowdown on the SKA Mob, from someone who gets his tats done from THINO at his shop. PROPS out to THIN-LOCO from SKA. Stay up and keep that ink flowing.

Well, I kicked it with some RTS cats back in the day, not the new RTS, but the old school writers so let me give you some 411.

RTS started off originally as "Running The Show". it used to have a mixed bag of dudes like "Psycho" and "Rocket" who were Logan confederates as well. They also had dudes like "Mente" and "Skash" and a whole slew of dudes before they went "Golden Hill" on us (not meant to be disrespectful). I hung out with the dudes that went to the old Garfield HS in North Park and who were mostly Lomas/Golden Hill confederates as well (save for a few who were not). There was Skuro, Gat, Traves, Husle, Fuss, Rymes, Cash, and a bunch of other dudes. They really held there own and the main spot where they chilled was right there in th alley off of 25th and Broadway. Alot of Lomas dudes were around there and hung out with them and alos dudes like Traves had brother(s) from Lomas. Remember that they also beefed with TMK, which were Sherman confederates, and Lomas and Sherman always had problems, so naturally the Varrios exploited the tagging crews and situations overlapped. Gatcha and Bonk however, lived and were raised in East Side with relatives from ES and even Fuss has a brother from ES. I remember them kicking with the AEK boys and SKA dudes pretty tight. Oh, and let me not forget that crazy dude Sabio from RTS as well (who used to walk around with a machete and always did dirt all on acid all the time).

After a few years they stopped kicking in the alley (things got hot) and I never knew what became of them after about 1998. I know that the newer generation of RTS dudes (some of them migratory from EB and UIS) claim RTS as an ES Click. I do not know if they fell uner the umbrella of ES or have yet to get the SUR's blessings or what they're status is. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen any of them or if they remained independent. I don't make assumptions or spread chisme, just Varrio facts and that is where my knowledge ends. I know a few of them dudes put that life behind them and like the rest of us just basically grew the fuck up and are working hard family men. But man oh man, back in the days that writing shit was really on fire. It is just evolution and prison politics that led to what it is today. I mean man, if you are latino and tagging and you hit County, you got some issues. But if you just tag and you hit state then you are REALLY in some deep shit. They don't play that anymore. No more passes for taggers. You get shanked or booked ON SIGHT.

That is why some crews wrapped it up and called it quits, others morphed into independent Varrios (SKA and AEK for example) and others like SEK are Logan. No question about that. Tagging is for the gabachos mainly now who just "do art" and don't get me wrong, there are gente out there like that vato "Ruen" from Shelltown who make MONEY off of a legitamite business, but alot of what you see are crews who claim to be "Clicks",but aren't a gang, or young little kids who had a relative who used to tag a certain crew and they wanna write it (i.e. UWK, GI, WPI. None of the originals from those crews write anymore. They all grew up man.).

All in all, those crews are all stepping stones to gangsterism. That is basically what the fuck it is. Anyone who tells you different is fucking dillusional. Party crews faded out in the late 90's.

Hope that helps. Take care.

To the vato that asked if I was a writer or bang, no. I just used to sell yesca at Garfield High School back in the days (mid-90s) to all those dudes and they were hella cool. Plus they had all the bitches and it was fun. The RTS dudes that went there were the ones I mentioned, and the SKA dudes were Cloke, Chem, Help, Thino, Fresco, Panic. Also dudes from Hemlock like Mismo. A couple UWK dudes like OG Phooie and Toons (R.I.P.). Some Southeast dudes like Atomek (now from 30ta) and Blur and Tuck too.
The AEK boys that went there were Tron, Zags, Gruf, Kaos, Deny, and I think Laters. But one day they all dropped out.
Also the whole KBP crew went there.

The Varrios that went there were a shitload of ES Boys like Soldier (RIP), Stalker, Pequeno, and like 10 other dudes. Also a couple Encanto dudes like Joker.
A couple Sherman vatos too like Cholo and Sniper and a couple OTNC IBS like Sneeky and Player.

A few other dudes from other hoods tried to go but were pretty much run out or jumped on the first day (like let's say Logan boy or a Mission Bay dude came they were automatically fucked with.) The dudes who held there own after a few fights were eventually granted immunity. I remember a Woptown dude that fought Joker from Encanto 3 straight days and would not give up. Eventually everyone saw he had heart and left him alone. Not many succeeded like that. Most dudes folded and bailed out from there.

Also it was a Blood school. All the Brims and ESP's and Lincoln Park Bloods would go there. The Bloods had conflict, but whenever a Crip tried to go there they were jumped the first day too. I don't know how the new Garfield is, so if someone out there knows shed some light on it.

Also, let's connect the gangs to the schools. For example, we all know Logan goes to SD High. What about Sherman and Lomas? Someone mentioned Sherman goes to Mission Bay High, but wouldn't that be infringing on MB Locos territory?

I know at Helix there is Lemon Grove Locos there pretty deep. Mt. Miguel is all Lomita Boys. And Hoover is all ESiders and Crawford is all the Clicka Boys.

Lil Rob is from La Colonia Eden Gardens in Solana Beach. A VERY OLD Varrio that is actually pretty run down. In a very expensive area, but run down none the less. I tripped out becuase I was up there and it is a straight up Mexican Varrio among multi-million dollar homes. Same thing with Varrio Encinitas T-Flats.
Lil One is from Sherman. Greedy Loc from 30s is a really good rapper. His album is pretty bangin.

anonymous: this to the dude who say he from "SEK", who is you? what ya name. I'm from "SEK" way back ago. This "ARES"SEK". days of the old school dudes. choke,oaks,genio,booms,sure,ares,whoo,fesk,gane,seeks,chums,beauty,bless,phiber,rumer,arch. if ya any of them holla @ ya boy.if ya not then who put ya in?what ya creditials? i out here in oklahoma now but it's still 735'Kings homie. what up wit everybody, miss them days down on 32nd & comm. hit me up at-Info@mvmediaworx.com so we can talk homie."SOUTH-EAST-KINGZ"73'K"STEADY-EMPTY'N-KANS"SMOKIN-ENDLESS-KRONIC"SILLY-ENEMYZ-KILLED"

yeah SEK kicked it with some dudes from SKA like DULO & CLOKER. them my dudes.Phiber from SKA came over to the SEK & Arch from RTS came over also.as far as Choke boxin at the party,shit we was always havin to box with fools where ever we went.we was cool wit WC30s
(Catdaddy R.I.P)til a dude got killed & our shit was tagged on curb thought we had sumthin do wit it. we was always down wit LH30TA. Cougar was basically always kickin it. Booms & Sure went into LH30TA.
oh & to whoever said we was from shelltown is wrong- it was LH. over on SE32nd & Commercial.

in regards to SEK history it WHOO & me ARES,FESK &GANE was the only white boys down with SEK. we were down fo the krew just as any other homie whether it was all niters bombin city wide or brawlin. ask any og member. now me & Whoo were really the only 2 the actully were in the hood every day. Looks came on a lot later. fesk move to bay area,gane was sent back to sweden but me & Whoo always repped the klick. now all of this can be verified by talkin to any OG SEKlanster.wanted to set the facts strait so folks know the real history.so many stories & many more memories of those good times. to any 735mobbster it's S.E.K. 4 life homie. OG"ARES SEK" & to any youngsta that tellin twisted tales on the SEK get @ me i give ya the real.

looks got took cuz if i remember rite he had sumthin to do wit the other side.Fesk was basically just a writter & wasn't around the street shit but me & Whoo was neck deep in it wit the homies, rite there at they side.looks was fesk's boy. they was krew as far as bombin but never in the hood. this all can be checked out. just ask Choke bout time me & Whoo got busted & distracted cops so him & Oaks could get away clean.i caught a pistol charge that time, haha.we still won the war

anonymous: So "Ares" SEK. Where did you do time at and at what Camp/County facility?
Where at in Logan did you live at, or were you like them other white boys who lived in Nice houses in San Carlos but thought they were ghetto? Why didn't you make the transition to gangster and become from 30ta?
And also, why do you sound black? Please don't be offended, but your style of writing indicates other wise.

As for Fesk, I saw him at the Tattoo expo in Del Mar. He has 2 or 3 shops he owns. Last I heard about Looks, he trying to get into the graffiti store supply business with a store called "Tools of the trade".

When I was in Donovan, I was in the Amity Program with a few AEK and SEK homies. As a matter of fact, Saroe from SEK did the tattoos for Chino from AEK. Chokes is in New Folsom and Oaks is in another pinta.
The last time I saw Booms and Atomic in Donovan they said that the only reason they let in any white boys into SEK back in the day was to use them for mobility and paint.

So please "Ares". Let us know what part of town you lived at and why you left. Don't be offended. Just keep it level headed. If I can run your jacket from here and ask a few SEK vatos about you then I will. Granted, I need your cooperation ese.

Now, a fact I will not argue with is that you did hit up. I seen your tags around. And yes, you were from SEK. I am not denying that. But how did a white kid who used to tag with DSK with the other white rich kids all of a sudden become "SEK 4 Life"?
And how come you don't have the SEK 13 tattoos on you like the other vatos?

And if you look at your last post, any one in the Varrio will tell you that you straight got played for a punk ese. For the homeboys to "get away" while you catch a caso con la jura and get hit with a gun charge you got used and played for a fool ese. I can picture the homeboys laughing as they hit the corner "them white boys took the heat while we got away!".

No te aguites guey. I am just telling it like it is.
-Mr. Largo. Logan Heights.

anonymous: this fo Mr.Largo, ya was askin sum questions.ask away, its all good,man i'm old,i aint feel no disrespect. first to set it strait- i never said i was a gangsta or claim to be. respect to the homies that was & still are now. i down fo the "SEK" thoe & we had 2 bang fo it alot. i was lucky cuz i didnt have to catch a felony on the gun cuz i didnt have it on me, was stashed. it was mine & i not bout let 1 the homies get charged wit it, aint no buster. i never ever wrote wit dsk, who is that? only krew i with is SEK. and to where i lived, at that time i was basically homeless, me & whoo stayed @ a homies spot out in point loma, on quimby st. was a party house. and stayed downtown wit arch, his sis & Chavo from 30ta. yeah we white boys and fesk was rich kid so was WHOO, gane lived sum projects. looks, i dont no bout dude, he was wit the crew but i didnt hang wit him. like i said me & whoo was really only 1s that ever kicked it in the Logan. 32nd at chokes & we had the vacant lot down the street we kicked it at.i left dago to come here fo take care family matters. when i went back to sd, the nite before the spot i was gonna stay got raided and i wasnt gonna street it cuz i never went back 2 court. lady from Y say she took care my sentence cuz we got her sum car sounds but i dont no if that shit was cleared or what. so came back 2 OK & been hustlin since.don't know if i answered ya ?s but feel free to ask any or check shit. real shit & aint got none 2 hide. ya can get at me easier thru email:info@mvmediaworx.com. and its still SEK4LIFE wit me, shit i just hit that up in elevator out here yesterday as a matter of fact haha. by the way i wasnt ever rich, not by far my dude. broke as a mutha just tryin make it fo my son ya feel.and how ya know if i got tat or not, aint been 2 sd since what maybe 93. i had moved in i think 92. was in contact wit few folks like whoo,choke,arch but lost contact. would like 2 contact wit the homies so if ya do run into any of em tell em ARESEK say whats good. i just came across this site and man it felt good to see & read all the stuff & folks i kicked it with. also to who ever said ClokeSKA live in texas, what city? that was my dude there, purp smokin big. thats whats up thoe, check shit out, i would. already, "ARES"SEK"

Mr. Largo, now got a question fo you. Was ya around us back then? if so who are you? no disrespect, but if ya was then we might know each other. and as far as specifics on stories i can't do that cuz i don't no if ya cool or the folks ya feel. no disrespet to ya but ya understand thoe.ARESEK

anonymous: Alright ARES. Cool info. Sorry to hear you had to grind it out in the calles. It sounds like you should have been courted in the Varrio if your living situation was so dire. But you weren't the only one. Alot of dudes were drifters homie. That is what made the Crews so tight. I think alot of people are unaware of how tight knit the crews were. As a grown up as well now, it is a trip to look back and see how things were. It doesn't matter which Crew you were from, becuase weather it was the SKA, TMK, AEK, or SEK, we all basically had the same standards and principles. Believe me, if it wasn't for pinta politics, I think alot of dudes would STILL BE BOMBING. Bury me with a streaker as one of my homeboys who used to write told me. Actually, I am from old school BSD Crew homie. Kicked it with FK and did some UWK for a minute, but the Heights came calling and I had to fall in line. Actually AEK and SEK were originally cool with each other. I knew vatos from both sides and each side had down ass heads and each had campaigns that had it's share of destruction. SEK was up due to it's heavy mobility. Especially after Looks and Fesk joined. Those dudes tore it up. SEK had the Southeast on lock. As AEK had East side on lockdown, and there were the in between areas (downtown, la mesa, etc.). The only crew that I ever remember that really fucked it up city-wide on EVERY spot and area was TVC. Those skateboarders DESTROYED THE CITY. I remember incidents where SEK caught AEK slippin and let them have it (Looks gettin Loke from AEK at an RTS party) and I remember AEK lynching Fesk at the SKA skam n jam party. It was tit-for-tat back then. It just makes me smile dog when you think of the paint store rackin', going into Aaron Brothers (before the spots were burned!) and racking the fuck out of all the streakers and pilots. Check this out, my boys and I would straight up have boostin' contests homie. We would light it the fuck up and come out with food homie. Fuck gear and tools, my crew hit the Seafood section of Lucky's and boosted the fuck out of the shrimp homie!

Then I remember when some crew (cannot name, need to protect the innocent!) looted the Store that cannot be named on 30th. Then I remember some crews straight up looting the paint stores and coming up BIG TIME. I would see the AEK boys at Garfield and them fools would be sporting all kinds of "Body Glove" and Millers' Outpost" gear and of course those motherfuckers were broke like us so we know how fools would do it!

And how we used to drain the Desk Cleaner cans and take ACid. Homie my brain is seriously fucked up still from all them raves and drugs man.

But anyway, I am way off track homie. You are making me wanna go to the pits at the Euclid trolley station and throw down some throwups. But it's just drunk talk right now in my head, so let me snap out of it and remember that I have bills to pay, a mortgage, a car note. The only upside is I am out of jail, got a fine wife of 2 years, and two beautiful but badass little rugrats.

To the dude who hit up about the new Garfield, good looking out on the info youngster. Now, where do all your enemigas go to and what about SD high? Who goes there?

To the dude who posted Sherman Historia, thanks. It is good to see some real historia and correspondence instead of the typical hood shout outs. Keep up the conversations.

Stay safe out there in Soonerville. Laters.

true-gansta: Nice history ...right on ... just a small correction. Loke and Looks never met. Loke had set up a trap to blast Looks at a party in Chula Vista but Looks left before they even met. Loke got jumped at a SKA rave/party by market street but Looks was not there it was Choke and 6 other SEK heads. In return AEK caught Score from SEK and beat the shit out of him.

LATCHUF: ha, AEK put No Sell Out, the Stoopid Store and that joint on 30th where's theres a taco shop now can't remember the name, straight out of business. IT was years ago anyhow pretty sure the stature of limitations ran out on that one

:Wow. that dude hit it on the nose.

FU76er:that was not a battle, that was a WAR in all cents of the word. if ya was there then i know ya remember. like out in mission beach that nite genio got shanked. or when we ran up in ya'lls house deep in the lil truck.

TheOriginalAEKSTER: Yup. It was a war, IN ALL SENSE OF THE WORD. If you remember, it was the 4th of July in Mission Beach. You guys all ran into the bathroom and wouldn't come out. Then when the police got there is when you guys grew balls, shouting f**k AEK when the hura was there. Real tough guys. How about when we lynched Fesk? All your boy Ego did was watch while he took one to the skull with a brick. Oh and that lil truck thing? Yes, that was the reason Genio took it under the wing. The house incident started first. If you recall, you guys tried to do a slip mission, jumping out with chains and bats, and genio hitting Burbs in the arm with a bat. A little love tap. He should of gone up the head like a real G, but even Genio said he wasn't tryng to hurt him too bad. But when you all realized we were coming out to whip that ass, you ran like cowards. Ask Phooie from HB about the time Junk was by himself at the Cypress Hill concert and asked Looks to go chest, he backed out talking about "My hand is messed up.

And look, I am not cheerleading, because SEK did do alot of dirt on us. My homeboy Berbs was getting his ass whooped by Genio, that is why he shanked him.

☠♫ bee.dee♫☠: spending too much energy on the past.
tagbanging helped kill the SD graff scene...along with many other things.
what crews that started beiing avant-garde graffiti thugs are still around actually doing graffiti?
reminise without insults...tool old.

TheOriginalAEKSTER: Agreed Brother Darknis. I should have taken the high road and kept it diplomatic, but I let my temper get the best of me. The past is the past and I have a good relationship with some SEK homeboys. And it was prison/jail/street politics that killed the graff scene. I am 31. Way too old to get all worked up about sh*t that happened in 1995.
Don't take it personal Ares, I got caught up in the moment. No need to cyber bang. We can correspond like grown men without a web-shouting match.

mackboog: I went to Hoover it was the night SEK bomb the hell out of a billboard sign and kind of put in in the AEK's face and thats when it stared to get down.

FU76er:the war is in the past and yeah thangs got outta control but back then i can't rememeber 1 krew that wasnt banggin with sumbody. early 90s was a wicked as time in SD.

Quien2: Wow, nifty. First, I went through your pictures before just posting on one that was somewhat meaningful to me, and this is a great photoblog of old San Diego graffiti. Probably one of the best I've seen, I hope you look into expanding it more. If you need some pictures, I know a lot of heads that have some for scanning, and I'd love to see it grow.

I'm one of the "rich" white kids from SEK back in the days. I'll admit, I had a truck (after my VW bus shit the bed), and that it was used all the time. But that was work I could put in, and fuck it, I was happy to do so. I was tight with Choke, Oaks, all the OGs from there for a long time before things became too crazy for my "rich" white blood. And I won't deny for a second that shit became too crazy for my blood. Before SEK, Fesk, Looks, Ares, and I were all hanging out at punk rock shows at the Che Cafe, and that's how we all hooked up, along with Cheese and others. Those were some great days, from rocking shit city wide to getting arrested on a freeway sign because there were about a dozen fucking cops staking out a wall by Old Town (the Law College wall was staked out, and I happened to be climbing over I-5 right there... at least they let me finish my throw ups). I was with Ares during the bust of the gun, I couldn't really run because it was my car, he didn't run, because he was down to stick with the homie, and anything else was what it was.

Those were some drug filled, crazy days. I pulled some friends I'll have for life. Dulo, Fooie, Ares, Gane, Fesk, Looks... all get a beer on me when I see them. From straight edge punk kids, to fucked up taggers, to fathers trying to grind our way through life. It's a fuckin' trip, man. I assume the next decade will continue to throw curveballs our way. It's life like that, right?

Anyhow, I stumbled upon these pics after a sixer and a half of homebrew, and I'm glad I did. Keep up the good work, and if you want to talk about some pictures I have of some other shit from the era, let me know. Happy to help build a photo journal of everything great about 90's SD graffiti. Because those were epic years. Epic enough that the police had to pretend to be fucking Australian film crews to bust those ignorant enough to believe in a quick fame... Epic enough that I know most of the heads you have posted on here. Epic enough that it deserves more recognition that it gets.

RTSKREW 787 LEROY:Rts came from all over san diego it is not an east side hood nor does it bang east side there are the southeast rts with kiki brail fumoe halt dukes and alot more...There was the national city fools started by veng and sacs there is the golden hills rts with cash stash hustle traves chucky loko shade and on then there is the east side rts probally the most ruthless members fuss gat bunks boka skaps deeps...People started to label us as east side rts cuz of the work they were putting in but they dont bang east side...Skaps stash deeps weso are the last real rts members to get down with the krew...There are some youngsters that are in training but that was the last of the originals there...Eb and uis used to kick it with the east side of rts and went bombing so that is how they got labeled from east side...But once again rts does not claim to be an east side hood....We have had our small beefs with aek and ska but we all roll together against the other teams...R.I.P rash chucky weso checks rtskings....

FU76er: hahaha krazy lil Rocket. that waz the lil homie.

SUFRONE: Cash...now there's one kid I didn't see for a long time. I remember blazing him out. We was tight (Me and my cousin) with him for a minute.
Also, I have to say everyone's history seems to vary. Just being part of a lot of these crews I saw things from different angles. A lot of RTS was in National City for one. IMO, the beefs and tag-banging fucked up graffiti in SD.