It seems whenever something happens (like my flickr being deleted, switching to a new site, ect) I feel totally fine and ok at first, but then a few days later I fall off the face of the earth and have trouble coping. I'm getting a headache every time I go on the computer, or phone. x_x

So hopefully soon I can get my act together, but as of right now my brain is fried and I can barely function. I find it hard to even do custom work, but that's still less stressful than emailing and networking. Right now the only communication I'm doing is the stuff I HAVE to do. So if I ignored you I'm sorry, but I just can't.
Maybe I will spend more time gardening or something... maybe I just need to take a total doll+computer break for a week or so.

So I'll stop whining now. I guess. I have a very low mental stress threshold :(
Just wanted to let anyone who cares or notices to know whats up. I should be back to my normal soon!