Painters and sculptors are well known for their approach to making art and using materials, processes and approaches to pare back their objects and ideas to their most simplest. But what of photographers? Why do they not choose this path? I'm going to paraphrase Joel Meyewrwitz here as he justifies his move from black and white to colour 35mm film to an 8x10 film camera. "If colour describes more, then why not use larger film?"

I however am trying to find a tool that does the opposite, describes less, in a way though that it still resembles a photograph, in all the controversial ways photographs affect us. Think Barthes' punctum here.

I spend a lot of time making pictures with a variety of cameras, the smallest one is basically a USB stick with a crude lens and a shutter, and an on off switch. Then there is my iPhone, and with two 35mm film cameras I carry everywhere. One of these cameras is a lomo. I use it in 1/2 frame mode. I may take several months to put a roll of film through it, it gets pulled in and and out of my bag on a whim. When I eventually process the film, I get to see and remeber things I'ds photographed. Occaisonally there are strange connections between images. This last upload of images is this idea explored slightly. I may take this futrher we'll see?