So; it's been 24 months since I wrote here and uploaded much.

"Why the catalyst for the change I hear you ask?"

Well. For those of you living under a rock. There has been an indignant uproar over at flickr and its changed interface. I noticed one of my contacts had left a shingle on the front of their flickr account saying they were moving here. Curiosity got the better of me and here I am, to what degree and for how long I don't know. My flickr stream has developing really nicley at a curotrial level now for some time.

Last time way back when yahoo/flickr started censoring content on some European section of the site, I created an account here along with many other people. Over time it was difficuclt to split myself between two major services. I could only justify a paid account on one as well. So sadly this one has sat fairly low key; ticking away slowly.

Many other things of course have occurred since then, the explosion of facebook, instagram and other services, and smart phones are what seem to be driving these photo sites more and more; if you are to believe the stats from flickr. Tumblr is according to many soucres now as big as flickr, with only Facebook housing more photos than the other two sites. I have never cared for facebook. I'm there but use it rarely. Tumblr on the other hand is my new blogging platform of choice. You can find me at this address;

Other services I am invoilved in are instagram, and eyeem. I'm am enjoying instagram,, but their recent TOS changes have me nervous and I'm waiting for a service to replace it. [As a consequence my account is locked down to private but you can find me.] That service is oggle I have an account there as well. Currently it is invite only so head over to the website and sign up for an account. The reason I am pimping this service is. They have come right out and declared their business model involves paid accounts, $10.00 per annum. A small price to pay for the peice of mind that my images and data about me won't be used as a commodoity to line some other fat cats pockets.

Anyway; I am celebrating my reapperance here with a bulk upload from my favourite toy camera, the 'other camera' that goes everywhere with me. It is so lo-fi, I have no viewfinder, no expsoure or focus control and now way to 'preview the shot after taking it, a true digital lomo camrea.

I hope you enjoy.