A mask of plastic happiness often covers his sadness

His beliefs hidden from most

Afraid of, but willing to face the unknown

Wondering where his place is in this life

He has come close to sharing himself

Never completely revealing anything to anyone

Feelings of invisible chains corner him

When he dreams, reality shatters before his eyes

Accomplishments he strives for just at hands grasp

He feels lost sometimes, not yet finding his place in this world

At times the glimmer in his calm eyes slowly disappears

But within his heart a silent flame burns him inside and out

He roams day by day, playing roles

Strength unknowingly resides in him

History repeats itself once again

The translucent veil he so proudly wears

Little by little answers will come, pushing it aside

One day there will be no more mask for him to wear

One day his beliefs will be known

One day he will know his place in this life

One day he will share himself

One day this mask will be NO MORE.