Now that it seems to be impossible to get even the Kodak sheet film in 8"x10" anymore, at least here in Europe, I was quite happy to discover a source of such film of another brand.

I just ordered ADOX CHS 100 8x10 and can't wait to get it and test it out.

To my even bigger surprise, that lumiere-shop offers sheet film in many other formats, especially in 24cmx30cm which is what I need for my antique camera. The last time I could get film in that size was in 1980! From ORWO. The manufacturer calls itself "wephota" but claims to make just the continuation of those ORWO products... I am really curious about the side marking of the new film. Will they use the ORWO marking?

Now I can try to reactivate that dinosaur of a camera. I hope the web shop is not a fake...