The other day my wife had the splendid idea of introducing our son to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A terrific movie I have seen at least 50 times.

We live in Denmark, and since he's only 7 (soon to be 8) we have to read the subtitles for him.

About half way through the movie we get to the scene named

"The Tale of Galahad"

Sir Galahad, making his way through deep forest in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm, comes upon a dark, tall castle. At the top of the tower glows a stunning image of the Holy Grail.

Read the rest here.

In this scene Galahad is lured into the castle because Zoot has lighted their beacon (shaped as a grail). And Dingo says that her sister (Zoot) is to be spanked. And after spanking the oral sex.

After reading the subtitles, the only thing my son asked what was ... Of course the Oral Sex! No asking what the Grail is, what a spanking is and no ponding about the horses in the movie are actual men with coconuts.

No no, it had to be the oral sex.

I didn't explain what it was, but it made me think when to do the bird and the bee conversation .. Probably in 2-3 years time, hopefully more.