I had my third non-anonymous visitor yesterday. Where do they come from? I have no contacts. Nobody has me as a contact. I have the privacy settings on invisible in the ipernity directory. I'm in no group. I never commented. I have visit notification off. Do they come through the tags? I have only 27 public pics so far, and I don't tag much. Bilingual, though.

Whatever. Visitors are welcome!

I myself didn't surf around much in ipernity yet. But it seems interesting, because in ipernity the popular page is open for other users (in flickr it's protected) while the activity page is protected (in flickr it's open). I find that a fascinating distinction.

Oh, and one more thing: Ipernity sharpens a lot (even more than flickr). The hospital image for example looks horrible!

EDIT: My fourth non-anonymous visitor was here today. And I had 6 visits on this blog entry so far! I am not alone ;-) (And I just uploaded the 28th public photo.)