flickr allows pro members to upload videos of up to 90s length and up to 150 MB in size, but other members can't download the original (and you can't provide them a static link, either). On ipernity anything can be uploaded even to free accounts (including videos) and the originals can be downloaded from the page if either you or the visitor (or both) are pro. You can provide a static link, too. Here's one to download my test video: (you have to copy the URL into the browser, because ipernity deletes the link! -- very uncool).

flickr's size limit for videos is adequate for low resolution videos. My 848x480 test video (motion jpeg in quicktime container cam original) is 33s and 52,9 MB, so 90s would be around 150 MB in size. ipernity, however, has a general upload limit of 90 MB per file. That means I can't upload videos of more than 54 seconds. But at least I can provide the original to everyone, and that even from a free account.

Unfortunately "Latest videos" aggressively appears before "Latest photos" in the the home page, and the smaller video versions embedded there are cropped to 4:3! I dislike that very much! Photos have their own page, though. With 560 pixel wide long edges (flickr has 500 pixel), and more than flickr's only five on the first page. So overall I like ipernity much more.