I wrote my very first comment on Facebook today. A one of my contacts there was "thanking the US population for the great birthday present" and I commented "The day would be perfect if California's Prop 8 hadn't passed". I became aware of the Prop 8 issue through a blog of a MySpace contact that I usually don't read. I did today, because an SMS from the author woke me up on 5:15 am this morning saying "Yay! Its a great night to be Merkin!". I stayed up and watched McCain's and Obama's speeches. I had a slight headache, because I fell asleep on my couch the night before and therefore spent only 4 hours in bed. Now I blog about these things on Ipernity.

Facebook, MySpace, Ipernity... What's going on? Am I replacing my overcome flickr addiction with ersatz nonsense? I hope not. I originally wanted to upload my most popular flickr photo to ipernity today, though, and put it in a new album "Photos I have on flickr in a lower resolution". But I don't have that photo at hand. So I'll do that some other day. I also made a list of more ipernity things I want to try out in the future:

  • mark one of my albums as favorite to find out what that means (you can't do that on flickr sets)
  • delete the default Lea concat
  • give ipernity's promising authenticated feeds feature a try (you can't create family&friend feeds on flickr)
  • blog about non-anonymous visits (flickr doesn't have a non-anonymous visits option, and I turned it off on ipernity, because I don't want to be seen, yet)
  • do some research about spam (I created a new email address just for ipernity, and I get lot's of spam to that address -- why?)
  • experiment with "multimedia mode" albums (mine are all thumbnail mode)
  • fav one of my own pictures (you can't do that on flickr)

But not today. (I want to keep my time/energy budget for ipernity rather small.)

BTW: Ipernity's automatic focal length translation to small picture equivalent in the exif data view is very cool (I missed it on flickr very much). Or is ist? Ok, I double checked before posting this. It's not an automatic translation. It's just a nicer presentation after "Focal length" (example). flickr presents the same information further beneath after "Focal Length In 35mm Film", and ipernity, too, doesn't present this information at all for images that don't have this entry in their exif data (example). So I learned something about flickr by trying out ipernity. Cool.

There are so many more cool features on ipernity:

  • You can sort tag views by popularity (you can't do that on flickr).
  • You can browse to the next doc page with a single click (you need two on flickr).
  • I just made yesterday's raw file page public, but disallowed the download. That's somewhat funny ;-)
  • If you navigate to a page through a tag, you get an 8 thumbnails view on everyone's docs with that tag in your own page (that you can toggle to your own docs). That is very cool! Try that with the tag "obama" ;-) (I did)

It looks like I really like ipernity. I just wish it had a bigger community. For social networking it can't compare to flickr at all.