Yesterday I uploaded the bat ladybird, because I wanted to use the larva as my member picture.

Today I uploaded pillows and me, because I wanted to place a member tag.

I also noticed a few more things in comparison to flickr:

  • There are separate archives for blog entries and docs (photos and files). There is, however, a combined tag list.
  • Tag views have numbers in their URLs, so they can't be guessed (on flickr they can).
  • flickr's cool calendar view hasn't been cloned.
  • You can't arrange your albums (as you can do with the sets on flickr), and you can't suppress the "Latest albums" report on the home page.
  • There are no collections of albums.
  • The visitor can toggle the view size of the photos in the stream (on flickr it's set by the user instead and is valid for the first page only).
  • The static URL doesn't change if the dynamic page permissions are reduced. (So unlike on flickr a blogged public photo will remain visible even if the page is reset to private.)
  • If multiple tags are entered in one line, they aren't set in that order (in flickr they are).
  • Uploaded raw files are presented as non-displayable docs (on flickr they can't be uploaded).