This is my 3rd Chinese National Holiday in People's Republic of China.
This year, I went with her to Nanjing and Yangzhou. Two wonderful chinese cities. I published some photos here and here.
Yangzhou is another great city of China. The city was founded 26 centuries ago, with its oldest known name being Kuang-ling.
In the year 590, Kuang-ling began to be called Yangzhou, which was the traditional name of the entire southeastern part of China. Beginning in the 7th century, Yangzhou was the main commercial city of the Yangzi valley, due to its importance as a canal port, seaport and administrative center.
Nanjing is at 250km from Shanghai and it's the capital of Jiangsu province. In the past it was also the capital of China.
This was also the third time I came to this city but the first time I visited the Memorial Hall of Nanjing Massacre, where in 15 days the Japanese invaders killed 300000 Chinese people in this city. But the Japanese underestimated the courage and strength of the Chinese people. And instead of breaking the people's will, the invasion only served to fuel a sense of identity and determination, and with Mao Zedong and CPC, start to build what China is nowadays.
From all the museums I know, in Europe and here in China, this was definitely the most impressive one.