You must have been amazed by pictured taken from far above the ground level looking below. This is the concept of aerial photography where in pictures are taken from the elevated level creating a depth in it. It is a kind of technique where the camera is not supported by any ground base equipment and is a free floating device up in the air. It can be either handheld by someone or mounted on something within the aerial structure.


Aerial photography can be performed using:
• Helicopter
• Aircraft
• Multirotor system
• Balloons
• Dirigibles
• Blimps
• Rockets
• Kites and parachutes

People often confuse aerial photography with air to air photography. Aerial photography is for cleaning earth images from above while air to air photography is for clicking something flying in air from the air. E.g. shooting a flying aero plane from an eye level. Aerial Photography Adelaide is interesting as well a complex thing.

History of aerial photography

Aerial photography has its roots in 1858, Paris. It was first performed by a French photographer and a balloon expert named Gaspard-Félix Tournachon. However none of the records of photographers clicked by him exists today and the earliest existing picture is of a picture named “'Boston, as the Eagle and the Wild Goose See It” clicked by James Wallace Black.

On April 24th 1901, the first shot for aerial photography was used for the movie Wilbur Wright und seine Flugmaschine. It was used for civilian mapping before World War I. the first commercial photography company was set up in UK under the name of Aerofilms. It was Sherman Fairchild, who successfully used aerial photography for a commercial use and was successful at it. He took pictures 23000 feet above the ground level.

Uses of Aerial photography

• Cartography (topographic maps)
• Land use and its planning (archeology)
• Movies
• Environmental studies to study the gas effects
• Surveillance
• Advertising
• Conveyancing
• Art projects
• Site assessment


Such photographers have to handle obstacles of shooting in the air which often causes motion within the device. It would be combined motion, one from the aircraft and second from the camera. Such a task needs camera with a very high shutter speed and also devices which have hand shake controller. Also the aircraft windows are formed out of pixie glass which is not same as the normal glass and hence due to the difference in quality the images taken through them are often of lower qualities.

Such a kind of photography completely depends on the judgment and skills of the photographer. He needs to have a basic knowledge of environment and its effect. It is a complex photography and needs special skills to perform it. There are many such photographers in Australia performing Aerial Photography South Australia.