Today I moved over from Flickr to ipernity. The reasons are by now pretty obvious to anyone with a Flickr account I imagine.

Ironically I had only just renewed my Flickr Pro account after a couple of years letting my Flickr account stagnate as the site changed and it's direction became unclear. The new direction became very clear indeed yesterday and so it is not for me anymore, not even for fun, which is really all I use these sites for. I can see why Yahoo have made the changes they have made, they are after all interested only in the bottom line. So good luck to them with that, but as far as I am concerned Flickr is no longer what it was in any shape or form. So here I am.

Presumably as ipernity grows, if it grows, it will eventually be made an offer the owners can't refuse and it will also stop being what it is, as that's the way of business, but until it seems just fine to me.