It’s time to wrap up the discussion over my second ‘Laying it on the Line’ post. Unfortunately I derailed the discussion on this image with my inability to put an image into the blog post. Thanks to all who had the patience to deal with my lack of HTML knowledge.

As I mentioned, I took this photo while sitting in the grand stand at a car race. I liked the look of the clouds and sky behind the simple shape of the judges’ box. The image had very few colours and very simple shapes and I thought I could make it quite stark and with impact.



The first problem I faced was with cropping. There is a treetop just to the right of the judges’ box and I had to crop the image a lot at the bottom to move it. The other design feature was to put the box on the left vertical third to give it balance. A little bit of tweaking of contrast and saturation and it was done.

In the original post I mentioned my interest in the works of Australia artist Jeffrey Smart and this prompted a couple of very astute comments.

Steve said that he would like to see the image look a little more ‘painterly’ and I think he is right. Although Smart paints in a photo-realistic style, his images often contain a distorted view of reality and can’t be mistaken for photographs; they are still very obviously paintings. My image could have benefited from a little more work to give it a created feeling.

Floating Imitations provided a very good description of Smart’s style and how my image faired in that company. He pointed out that a main feature of Smart’s work is a distortion of reality whereas mine was a simplification of it.

Jerry Lee suggested I should wait til the clouds were in the perfect position to get the perfect image.

The Verdict

I am not happy with the cropping. I had to take too much off the bottom of the image and lost the vertical line of the tower, it is shorter than I wanted it to be in the frame. And the clouds aren’t quite in the right spots to balance it for me. Jerry Lee was right!

And I agree that the works of Jeffrey Smart might have influenced the image, but it is a long way from being a photographic attempt to show his style.

I have to say that the image isn’t as good as I had hoped it would turn out, and I don’t think it works. It is a little too simple; there is not enough to hold the interest of the viewer.

Thanks to everyone who viewed and also to those who commented. I really appreciated the interaction.

And a special thanks to those who tried to teach me some HTML skills!