The frantic activity has died down on the first ‘Laying it on the Line’ post, so I’ll try to summarise what I learned from the experience.

As one would expect, when you ask photographers to comment on an image, you get as many different opinions as there are photographers.

The main things that fascinated me when I walked past this scene were the shop front basically just painted on to the old sandstone wall, and that marvellous faded red.

I tried to accentuate the red by making the image darker, then dodging the red with a tinted brush to make it stand out more. The green door above gave it a contrast colour, and a hint of a whole other business or scene.

Cara said, in a post under the image itself, that the sign (and therefore the main door) being central didn’t work for her, and that is a very valid comment.

But this was my thinking, if I can be so grand…

The door and sign are central, but the two secondary boarded up windows are on the vertical thirds. The right end of the top walkway is on the top horizontal third and the left end of the lower walkway is on the lower horizontal third (nearly). However the lines between these points don’t run horizontally, and this adds a tension to the design.

So this was an attempt to use the Rule of Thirds but still break it and make the image work.

The Verdict

I like a lot about this image, the wall texture, the faded dark red colour, the overall grungy feel of an old city, and the shapes, texture and colour in the footpath on the lower level, but overall, I’d have to say I don’t think the image works.

Thanks to all of you who read the blog post and viewed the image, and a very special thanks to those of you who took part in the discussion. I’ll put up another one sometime soon.