I took this image in Valletta, Malta. I was totally captivated by the age and careworn look of that lovely old city. This door and painted patch of wall caught my eye, so I photographed it from the elevated footpath on the other side of the road. I usually like things square and geometric so this angle made me uncomfortable.

When I first processed this image, I did a version that minimised the angle and went for brightness and impact. I won’t link to it, but it is lurking here on ipernity. I don’t like it and don’t go for that look any more (Hey, I was just learning some new tricks, I am more mature now.)

This time I used the perspective and only cropped the bottom a little to remove some distractions. I wanted to go with the feeling of age and shabbiness (my country had been settled for only 90 years when this man started his business). I have made the image a little darker. I have used some ‘dodge and burn’ techniques to enhance colours and lighten and darken small areas to increase local contrast, going for a slightly ‘painted’ look.

So my fellow photographers, what do you think?