Following day we returned to the Carapax. I never saw so many turtles form all over the world and all the stork nests:

  • the greater turtle species of the world:

  • Miccio Amiatino, one of the species with a cross on the shoulders

  • Storks

After dining in Follonica, we went to Populonia; instead of visiting the Etruscan necropolis, we decided to wander trhough the wood to a promontory in front of the Elba Island; inside the wood you can see many entrances to the Dromos, the Etruscan graves cut inside the rock:

  • Entrance to a Dromos

  • the Gulf (with a pebble launched by Anna Chiara...)

  • Elba Island

  • Waiting for the sunset

We returned to mass just in time for another sunset:

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