I would like to thank you one by one for making this place so friendly, interesting and, from time to time, exciting ;-)

In the last days I had more than 200 visitors a day and it is absolutely impossible for me to visit you back, to comment back; I limit myself to answering to your questions, when I have time.

I'm still concentrated on job, job search, family,...

I have a more viable approach to Ipernity now, but I miss so much the time I spent visiting your streams and discovering hidden treasures.

In the next few days I will be away from keyboard; there are Election Days in Italy and I have the responsibility of an Election Ballot: I will be emprisoned inside it, I suppose, because this time there are lots of people who want to protest... even inside the ballot...

So bye bye, my friends, and thank you very much for all your interest for my shots and my posts (over 40000 visitors to the gallery and over 20000 to the blog: I'm amazed!).

Have a nice weekend, wherever you are!