Some technical aspects: there was low light, the sunset approaching. A great contrast between her and the sky and sun in the background. The autofocus was totally inefficient (too few light and moving subject) and I wasn't looking in the viewfinder (remember? I was pushing the swing!).

So I chose this technical approach: underexposure (1/200 sec instead of around 1/20 needed without flash), fill flash (attenuated nearly 2 stops), focus at half distance and shutter a little more closed (f/11); this gives me the possibility to have subject and sky both visible (compare with the only shot taken from high on her head) and a decent focus trying to guess the framing with the camera under my belt...

Two different process for all the shots: direct RAW/JPG conversion and JPG obtained from an enhancement of the original RAW data.

Comments, critiques, hints and tips are welcomed.

Forte... 9250 RAW Forte... 9250 JPG Forte... 9244 RAW Forte... 9244 JPG Forte... 9243 RAW Forte... 9243 JPG Forte... 9239 RAW Forte... 9239 Forte... 9238 RAW Forte... 9238 JPG Forte... 9235 RAW Forte... 9235 JPG Forte... 9234 RAW Forte... 9234 JPG