... but in the meantime I continue some old consulencies.

Currently I'm the tutor of five new entrepreneurs, disseminated around the place where I live.

Italy is divided in twenty administrative units called Regioni. Every Regione is divided in one or more Provincie.

I live in the Regione Marche, in the middle Italy, on the Adria Sea.

It is a small Regione, both as dimensions and as number of inhabitants, well preserved. Small, smooth hills gently degrading to the Sea. A lot of middle to little very flexible enterprises and a lot of History disseminated all around the hills: castles, ruines, old churches and abbeys, some little natural parks.

I always have with me my two cameras when I make consultancies and coaching. I was disappointed by my kit lens, but I re-discovered the Canon DPP software: it is the best RAW converter for my camera, but I hadn't used it because it had problems with my video card on Wine/Ubuntu.

Waiting to have more cash to buy the Canon 50 f1.8 and a tele (55/200 or 70/300), I can only show you what my 18/55 is able to capture.

After showing you Portonovo and Ancona in a previous blog entry, this time I add to the Wandering album some shots of the hills between Arcevia and Serra de' Conti:

Winter time 8248 Winter time 8249 Winter time 8269 Winter time 8274


I hope to have the time to add more Marche shots during the next weeks.