The first shot I show is this intriguing vision by Marinkel*:


"dreams of the harlequin man" by Marinkel * [?]

Layers? Mirroring in a glass? I don't know, but I like the result.


Another view of the world:


"FixedPointTheorem" by Vincent Teulière [?]

Some minimal visions to continue this walk:


"Untitled" by Jessica Kolosso [?]


"Untitled" by Granddesign [?]

A masterful capture of a reflection (and his best wishes for 2008) int his Ojisanjake b&w:


"Happy New Year." by Ojisanjake [?]

Another ghost haunting us:


"Skeleton" by David de Groot [?]


And last but not least, a great example of photographic technique by Jerry Lee:


"/^<" by Jerry Lee [?]