Nickname: tabu/kenesis

Real name: Levan Kakabadze

Age: 23

Website: (no more available)

Town/nation: Batumi, Georgia

Spoken languages: Georgian (native language), English and Russian


Q. Tell us something about you and photography

A. two years ago, I was over Tbilisi (capital city of Georgia) over to my friend, and he got visit by his band member who was carrying with him Zenit ET, and I asked him to let me take some photos and then when I he will develop film to send me by e-mail, photos I took. I had a little interest couple month before, but when I saw developed photos and saw something I was feeling at the moment was captured, I got into it and now I’m trying to make my way in photography.


Q. What are your preferred subjects and techniques?

A. Experimenting in all styles.


Q. Are you a professional photographer?

A. I’m amateur photographer, who works as IT administrator in Energy company.


Q. What's your equipment?

A. Nikon D80, Nikkor 17-35MM f/2.8 and 50MM f/1.8


Q. When and where you started sharing your shots?

A. I started sharing my shots on Georgian website, then found about flickr, and now sharing my photos on ipernity, on those websites I met a lot of great people


Q. Three preferred shots of yours?

A. I love all my photos, I feel same about all my photos, because they all carry moment of my life, I can’t separate three shots, so feel free to choose your favorite photos of mine


Q. The three preferred photographers or bloggers on Ipernity (so I can interview them: it isn't a contest ;-) )

A. haven’t spent a lot of time on ipernity yet, as soon as I will, I will visit photographers galleries and I can share them later.


Thank you very much, Levan; waiting to see more shots from you

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